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We have recently changed our designer packages to give more choice in decoration. With a choice of up to 20 designs you can now mix and match from some traditional and classic designs.


1.   Pearl Garland Arch

2.   Sculptured heart for behind head table (also suitable for entrance)

3.   3 x Linked balloon clouds


4.   Pearl Garland arch (suitable also for entrance)

5.   2 x Baby Bubbles displays

6.   2 x Bubble balloon with balloon inside

7.   2 x Topiary Trees for Buffet table

8.   3 x Mini buffet table display with choice of printed foil balloon

9.    2 x Bubble balloons with feathers

10.   Double Bubble cake arch with tulle


11.   2 x Balloon trees suitable for either side of entrance or buffet table

12.   3 x floor bouquets featuring 5 latex and 3 foil balloons (1 with designer motif)
13.   2 x 3 ft balloons with tails or 2 confetti balloons with tails

14.   Champagne Bottle with bubbles

15.   2 x Double bubbles with 2 sets of balloon below


16.  10 x 3 balloon bouquets for guest tables
17.  6 x Bubble balloons with ribbon (Further bubbles can be added)

18.  5 X Bubble vase displays with flowers and candles (Further Bubble vases can be added)


19.   2 sets of 5 Latex balloons with heart or star foil in centre

20.   2 sets of 7 latex balloons


             Total cost (Including Vat) .... £250.00


1. Pearl Garland Arch for Head Table

We use approximately 22 balloons in our Pearl Garland arches for a head table using alternate colours. We often mix wit clear 'Wedding Day' balloons to give a nice contrast.

 2. Sculptured heart

Choose whichever colour combination you like using 2, 3 or even 4 different coloured 5" balloons

3. 3 x Linked balloon clouds

3 Double bubble balloon clouds. The clear 16" balloon on top has a motif saying 'On your wedding Day' or similar. Our butterfly design balloon is also popular with weddings.

4. Pearl Garland Arch

Our smaller Pearl Garland arch is suitable for an entrance or behind a cake table.

5. Baby bubbles display

Our ever popular Baby Bubble display is a great addition to your buffet table or even cake/gift table

6. Bubble balloon with balloon inside

Bubble balloon with standard Pearlised balloon inside. This example wwas for a Christening with Baby Feet motifs around.

Have a look at our selection of Bubble balloons by clicking on the link on the left of the web page.

7. 2 x Topiary tree displays

Topiary trees offer an elegant change and incorporates balloons and flowers (or a sweet selection) in the base. The cluster of 12 x 5" balloons has shimmer tulle accents to finish.

8. Mini table display

A simple yet effective piece of decoration which sits nicely. With 3 pieces you can spread them around. They can also look nice as a centrepiece.

9. 2 x Bubble balloons with feathers

The bubble balloon has become very popular at weddings and filled with feathers and a heart motif it sits nicely as a centrepiece or in fact any table arrangement.

10.  Double bubble cake arch with tulle

The Double Bubble cake arch features 7 Double bubble balloons linked with tulle.

11. 2 x Balloon Trees

If you need something at the entrance then you can't go far wrong with these elgant balloon trees. They have a sculptured base and once again tulle connects the 12 balloon cluster to the base design.

12.  2 x Floor bouquets of latex and foil balloons

Latex and foil balloons work well together and combining them offer a fuller display of balloons

13.  3FT Balloon with tail

Our large 3ft balloons can be displayed with tails and tassels.
Visit our suppliers at www.delightsdirect.co.uk for a variety of choices.

A 3ft Rose gold confetti balloon with co ordinated tail is a real show stopper

14. Champagne Bottle and bubbles

How about a large champagne bottle with bubbles cascading out of the top and down the side.

 15. Double bubble with 2 pairs of balloons

Another Double Bubble design using the 'butterfly' motif 16" balloon and 2 sets of 2 balloons below.

16. 10 x 3 balloon bouquets for guest tables

A simple set of 3 balloons with a choice of weights can include plain Pearlised balloons or add a designer balloon. 

17. 6 x bubble balloons with ribbon

Photo to follow


18. Bubble vase displays

If you want a change from balloons or want to add something different to compliment them then this centrepiece is an option. Each one includes:

10-12" bubble vase
3 fresh flowers (including roses or gerberas in a variety of colours)
Bear grass displayed around the inside of the bowl.
2 large candles
1 x Mirror base
sprinkle of crystals around base area.

The display is a rental item.

19.  2 x 5 latex balloons and star or heart foil in centre as a floor display

5 latex balloons and a foil balloon in the centre. Ideal as a floor display but can also be used as a centrepiece especially if your venue has a high ceiling.

20.  3 x 5 latex balloons in a floor bouquet

An example of a 5 balloon bouquet. This was for a James Bond themed event