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                                   IT'S JUST MAGIC.....

Maybe you want to raise money for your organisation or simply want to promote the opening of a new store, then a balloon race or release could be the answer.

Photo taken from a recent event at Southcott School, Leighton Buzzard.

Dreams Balloon Art have been organising races and releases for schools and colleges for a number of years raising many thousands of pounds in the process. We offer packages to suit all requirements where we can supply all the equipment you will need or we can take care of the whole event for you, the choice is yours...

A balloon race starts with the sale of race labels which normally come in 2 parts with a serial number.  The purchaser will buy a label (normally £1) and complete it filling in their name and address and keeping part 2 of the label. The other part of the race label is attached to the balloon. This part of the label includes the closing date for the race and an area where the finder of the label can insert their name and address. (The label is returned to the address shown on the reverse of the card).

Once all of the labels have been sold and the race day arrives, the labels are attached to helium balloons and can be released as single balloons or placed in a release net and released altogether.

A prize is awarded to the person who finds and returns the label from the furthest place where the balloon travelled (before the closing date). A prize is also awarded to the person who'se balloon travelled the furthest.  You may also wish to consider giving a prize to the person (if it is a school event) who sold the most labels.

Full permission must be obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and any relevant local authorities for balloon releases of more than 5000 balloons.  For releases under 5000 the Authorities should still be notified but only verbally.


1. Only natural latex rubber can be used for releases

2. All components used in balloon releases must be biodegradable

3. Only helium gas should be used to inflate the balloons

4. No ribbons or strings must be attached to the balloons

5. Balloons must always be launched singly (never tied together in bunches for releases)

6. Balloons over 12" must not be released or balloons containing metallic pigment

7. All balloons sold near balloon releases must be weighted to ensure they cannot escape. Foil balloons must never be released.


It is important that everyone adheres to the above guidelines. Dreams Balloon Art are commited to safeguarding the environment when organising such events. If you would like any more information then please give us a call on 01908 216064.


Balloon races and releases are great fun as an event on their own or as part of a School fete or open day. So, whether you decide to organise your own event or want us to organise one for you don't forget to... 


For a price list then please call us on 01908 216064 or Email to steve.greenfield@dreamsballoonart.co.uk

For Professional Balloon races and releases, protecting the environment